Welcome to Eliá

We invite you to meet the delicate blend between Mendoza, the olive tree and its oil. Welcome to Eliá

Who we are

We are a young company with deep rooted Mediterranean traditions inherited by those who manage the firm. These traditions are evidenced in our products.

We value quality as a distinctive feature in our products and we maintain each goods� essential traditions, combined with modern production techniques which result in outstanding merchandise.

Our goal is to be recognized nationally and internationally as a brand of high quality products, leading the gourmet market�s evolution, offering the highest quality alternative. 

4 St. between 9 & 7, Industrial Park (North) - Las Heras - Mza, Arg - ZIP:5539
Phone/Fax +54 261 4297778 / 4473111 - Nextel 54*625*2518
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